Why “Helen Cakes”? You mean, besides the fact that I love cake? 

Forgetting that one hundred people are watching and stuffing more cake into my mouth

In college, I lived with my sister and our friend Amanda. When they wanted something from me they would sweetly call me Helen Cakes, and the name has kind of stuck. This blog will also prominently feature food and recipes, and I thought that the nickname was very appropriate.

What do you need to know about me?

I live in Madison, WI – the best town in the midwest, I’ll argue. I live with my husband, Zach, and our labradoodle, Rufus. We’re newlyweds, first-time homebuyers, and not nearly as stuffy as all that sounds.


On our honeymoon in Lake Tahoe

I grew up in a suburb of Chicago with my sister, mom, dad, and step-dad.

At the end of the night, post Liz's Axel Rose impression

I’m a Research Specialist at the University of Wisconsin Madison. I work in Pathology and will be getting my Masters in Forensic Anthropology this coming fall. I just got accepted to the Masters program and am beyond excited. I’m also not as stuffy as all that sounds.

Bachelorette party

When I was younger, I was a competitive figure skater, and have always liked being active. I’m working on living a healthy lifestyle, working out more, and eating natural foods. (French fries are natural, right?)

Yummy breakfast potatoes

Back when I was young and awesome


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