Lucky Lady

I woke up this morning to Zach, uncharacteristically awake, telling me that there was coffee and waffles waiting for me. Apparently he had gotten up early with Rufus and then stayed awake to make breakfast, do some laundry, and put away the dishes! I was one lucky lady this morning!

I forgot to take a picture of Rufus with his new haircut, but here’s a picture of Zach in my fencing gear to brighten your Friday morning:


This will be a busy weekend for us! We’re off to visit Zach’s family tonight, then tomorrow afternoon we head down to Illinois to visit my family. Holidays get a lot busier once you get married!

I was recently introduced to sweet baby bell peppers. They are the most fantastic thing in the world and make an incredible snack.


Happy Friday!


One thought on “Lucky Lady

  1. Did Zach greet you with the waffles while wearing your fencing gear? That would be awesome! Also, do you think we could fit the fencing gear over my horse mask?

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