Computer Hiatus

We’ve been having some computer troubles around our house. First, the charger for our one laptop was lost at our wedding, then the other one finally broke down. Hence the lack of blogging in recent weeks. We finally bought a new one two nights ago! Phew. I was going crazy.

Running milestone

While at the gym last night, I ran farther than I ever have before! It felt wonderful! The only problem is that I started getting shin splints. Zach showed me a couple stretches that helped him when he used to play soccer, so I’m hoping to try those out tonight and see how they work for me. It wasn’t terribly uncomfortable, but it did prevent me from going even further.

Because of my newly acquired faith in my ability to actually run without passing out (stupid Asthma) I’m thinking about signing up for this race:

A good friend of mine lives in San Antonio, and it would be a good chance to train for a race and visit her at the same time!

I’ll be back later with adorable pictures of Rufus post haircut!


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