Sneaky workout

Let me tell you about my day yesterday…..

I woke up early because Rufus was hungry. That’s okay, I thought to myself, because I plan on leaving work early today. I had a doctor’s appointment at 3:30pm, so I’d be able to leave by 3pm. Easy! Things did not go the way I planned. First of all, I spent all morning working on an RT-PCR experiment. Without going into too much detail I’ll just say that it failed – miserably. My plan was to run it again tomorrow, but after meeting with my boss it was decided that I would run it again yesterday afternoon and then run a gel from the products. Again, I don’t need to go into extra detail, just know that that means my day would get three hours longer. Here’s where I had to get crafty….I really, really wanted to work out! Forget about canceling the doctor’s appointment, I needed to get that workout in! Me and Zach had plans later that night, and I just knew that by the time I got home I would not be in the mood to go back out to the gym. So, what did I do…..?

I worked out at work! That’s right. After my coworkers had left for the day I put Netflix on my computer, did jumping jacks and ran in place for twenty minutes, and then used two bottles of buffer for weights! I’m not going to lie….I’m pretty proud. Smile This way I was able to get a workout in (while my gel was running!) and then still meet Zach after work.

So – no more excuses! If I really want to workout, I’ll find a way to do it. Something to remember when I think I don’t have enough time during the day…..


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